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NBCUniversal Could Become Worth More Than Time Warner, Analyst Says

Macquarie’s Amy Yong says the company’s “accelerated progress has gone lost” amid corporate parent Comcast’s planned acquisition of Time Warner Cable.

In a reported entitled “30 Rock > Columbus Circle?,” a reference to the locations of the two entertainment giants’ New York headquarters, she wrote: “NBCU’s accelerated progress has gone lost in the regulatory review process [for owner Comcast’s planned acquisition of Time Warner Cable]. If broadcast ratings continue their upward trajectory, rebranding efforts at cable networks resonate and film/theme parks layer on additional franchises, NBCU could be worth $50 billion and more than Time Warner.”

Hollywood Reporter Article by  Georg Szalai

Taye Diggs Says Studios Set Double Standard for Black Films

“Actor Taye Diggs says Hollywood studios hold African-American films to a frustratingly separate and unfair standard.

Whether a studio decides to proceed with a black-oriented film can depend on the success of other movies with primarily African-American casts, even if the projects are unconnected, said Diggs, who starred in “The Best Man” romantic comedy and its sequel.

In a recent interview, the actor said he and others who worked on the Best Man movies are eager to start on a third. But its fate is tied to how other black-oriented films, including the upcoming Think Like a Man Too, perform at the box office, he said.”

Article By Lynn Elber

Shanghai Film Fest: Jackie Chan Unveils ‘Jackie Chan International Action Week’

 “Hong Kong kung-fu and action star Jackie Chan has announced that in 2015 he will jointly hold the Jackie Chan International Action Movie Week at the Shanghai International Film Festival.

 The event is aimed at “commending excellent filmmakers who have made great contribution to world’s action movie, shown extraordinary performance of action actors and technical innovation of special good effect on international film publishing platforms, guided new action talents and making great efforts and contribution in passing on Chinese action movie tradition as well as promoting its developments” (sic), the Police Story and The Forbidden Kingdom stair in a statement”

 Hollywood Reporter Article by Clifford Coonan

Univision Meets With CBS, Time Warner Over Potential Sale (Report)


“The Spanish-language broadcaster has had talks with multiple suitors and an asking price of more than $20 billion is being sought, the Journal reported. The talks were described as “preliminary discussions.” 


Competing Spanish-language broadcaster Televisa was also named as suitor for Univision. Televisa did not immediately respond to request for comment.


The reported talks arrive after AT&T-DirecTV and Time Warner Cable-Comcast merger deals were made. “


Article by the Hollywood Reporter

The 2014 Hollywood Diversity Report presents a picture that isn’t pretty

“As part of its Hollywood Advancement Project, the Ralph J. Bunche Center for African-American Studies at UCLA examines this diversity gap in the film and television industries. The center recently released its 2014 Hollywood Diversity Report.

Darnell Hunt, a sociology professor at UCLA and Director of the Bunche Center, was one of the authors of the report. He says there are several reasons why the lack of diversity in the film and TV industries is such an intractable problem.”

Article Written by Adam Wernick 

Thisinterviewfirst aired onPRI’s The Tavis Smily Show— a weekly radio program offering a unique blend of news and newsmakers in expanded conversations.

12th Chicago African Diaspora International Film Festival Returns June 13-19 w/ a Strong Lineup of Films From Over a Dozen Countries


“The Chicago leg of the African Diaspora International Film Festival returns to the Windy City (in its 12th year!!), starting tomorrow, June 13, running through the 19th.

Facets Cinematheque (located at 1517 W. Fullerton Ave.) will host the series, which is presented by ArtMattan Productions. 

This year’s lineup includes a diverse group of diaspora films, as usual, including 14 works of both fiction and non-fiction, representing over a dozen countries around the world, including South Africa, Trinidad & Tobago, Egypt, France, Haiti, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Curacao, Morocco, Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico, and the USA.

Opening the festival will be veteran award-winning documentary filmmaker Stanley Nelson’s “Freedom Summer,” which chronicles and commemorates the violent and bloody summer of 1964 in Mississippi, when hundreds of student volunteers in league with local and national activists and organizers worked to push for voting rights, to bring down the racist segregationists policies and foundations of white supremacy in the nation’s most segregated state.”

Indiewire article by Tambay A. Obenson

'Tyrant': How FX Is Marketing Its Middle East Drama to Islamophobes, Islamophiles and Everyone Else

“FX began testing the series’ concept and logline through an outside research firm when Tyrant was no more than a script.

What the network found is that those sampled broke into three distinct groups of equal size: Islamophobes, who would reject the show out of hand because they didn’t want that part of the world in their home; Islamophiles, who would reject it because they assumed it would be another negative Western portrayal; and those who were open to what appeared to be a compelling drama. Convincing the former two groups to give the series a shot will come down to word-of-mouth and an ambitious marketing push.”

Hollywood Reporter Article by Lacey Rose

How the World Wide Web Changed Movies

“In the era of the World Wide Web, the story for Home Alone would go something like this: young Kevin wakes up and realizes that his family is nowhere to be found. Wanting to make sure that they haven’t disappeared, he grabs his iPad, checks Buzz’s Twitter feed which says, “On the way to the airport. Can’t wait to check out Paris babes!” Relieved, Kevin brings up FaceTime to contact his mother and let her know that he was left behind. She takes a cab back to the house, goes onto the airline’s website to change their flight and the two of them fly out a short while later to enjoy Christmas. The end.

When British scientist Tim Berners-Lee drew up his proposal in 1989 for what would become the World Wide Web, he was just hoping to share information within the scientific community. Instead, 25 years later the Web has changed daily life for most people in ways that are too numerous to list. The rise of the Web also did something else that wasn’t anticipated… it changed movies.” Article by Brendon McCullin

Netflix Is Shaming Verizon For Its Slow Internet

“It seems like Netflix is making a move to shame internet service providers (ISPs) that don’t offer speeds fast enough to provide reliable streaming for Netflix videos.

Netflix has had a tepid relationship with ISPs recently. It now pays Comcast, AT&T, and Verizon for direct access to customers using those providers. In theory, that should provide more reliable video streaming.”

Business Insider Article by Steve Kovach

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4 Black Women will Transform a “White Sister” Weekly on New Lifetime Series ‘Girlfriend Intervention’

“The Lifetime network (which continues to want to carve out an African American audience of its own, given recent programming) has announced that it’s picked up four new unscripted series to add to its primetime lineup, including a handful featuring black cast members.

They are, first: a complete makeover series titled “Girlfriend Intervention,” which stars “four wise, poised and stylish African American women, who, in each episode, help a white sister seeking a complete makeover to restore her confidence and inner glow,” according to the press release I received today.

Maybe someone reading this can explain to me what the mean by “white sister,” because I’m not entirely sure what I’m supposed to understand here. Are they speaking in the spirit of sisterhood or womanhood, as in all women are sisters, regardless of heritage and skin color? Or is “white” being used as a synonym for a blank canvas, unsullied, pure, ultra-conservative? Or is it just as simple as 4 black women making over a white woman every week? Help me out folks…”

Indiewire Article by Tambay A. Obenson

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